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Here’s to 2013!

1 Jan


Someone asked me yesterday to write a peice of poetry about the new year, so here it is, here’s to 2013! Happy New Year to all of you xx

Here’s to 2013!

Well here we are and it’s 2013
The bells are ringing, ding a ding ding
A new year and new beginnings it’s true
I wish the very best for all of you

To new beginnings and a new start
Where I wish with all my heart
Peace and happiness all year through
I wish all that for all of you

If troubles beset you which they sometimes will
Reach out in the darkness when you feel so ill
Help is never far away and someone will reach out
Care and kindness are what it’s all about

There is always someone out there who is worse than you
Just reach out and help them through
A smile for someone else can really brighten their day
It can lift their spirits, and chase those blues away

Always stand up for what you belive
Even if you are on your own, and others think you lie and deceive
For standing up and fighting is the bravest thing to do
You can make a difference, that person can be you

Alway be the very best at what you want to be
Always see the vision that no one else can see
Always challenge and think, do not accept the status quo
You will lead the way, and you can make it so

Never judge another when they have let you down
Never say those nasty things when they make you frown
Try to forgive and let the feelings go
You will lighten in spirit, and you won’t feel so low

No one in this world is perfect, you know it to be true
But I wish all of you peace and happiness to last your lives through
So I raise a glass to you, and wish you a good new year
Have a peaceful one and to you all Cheers!

So, here it is, 2013
The bells are ringing, ding a ding ding
Thank you all for all the love and kindness you have shown to me
You have all given me hope, and the best is yet to be.

(c) PP 2012.