It’s been a while!

5 Nov

It’s been a long time.  I have not written a blog for so long, many months in fact, which has been really re miss of me.  Why?  Well, have been campaigning a lot, demos and protests, meetings and trying to help who I could with benefit information and admin duties on fb, needed many days to have 48 hours in it, so i could get to everything, but, could not.  When they have invented a transporter pad let me know please.

The other side to all this and why I have not written for so long, is that my health has been well, crap, to put it bluntly.  I have struggled with the Bipolar and with the R.A. Three steroid injections this year, or “Castrol GTX” is what i call it to try to ease off the pain and stiffness, but well it did not help, and after a few dark days when the mental health team did what they could to keep me out of hospital, the Rhuemy consultant finally decided infusions was the way to go forward, and finally after a five month wait i started Actemra infusions yesterday.

It’s been a hard year for so many, and getting harder all the time.  This year we have seen the bedroom tax implemented, (yes Cameron it is called that despite what you think), the reconsideration stage for employment and support allowance come into effect on 28th October 2013, and the winter will be hard and devastating for so many.

This year, we have seen the use of a food bank rise by 200 per cent in the period of April 2012 to march 2013, while the MP’s have had £23M in personal expenses in the same period, who are the scroungers well it’s those in power of course, we all know that don’t we, even if the MP’s deny it, and claiming for their fuel bills, while people are making stark choices of heating or eating or cannot do both, and let’s be frank Mr Cameron, people are freezing to death out there, and that is a travesty and tragedy that should never be ignored.  Whoever said” high fuel bills, well wear a jumper”, you know where you can stick that jumper, where the sun does not shine!  To see the media stories over the weekend of the MP’s claiming for their fuel bills and David Willits are you too posh that you can’t screw in some light bulbs in your house?  £125 plus VAT for 25 light bulbs to be installed which we have to go without to pay for is taking the p would you not say?  and claiming for £2,596 for fuel bills on top well, saw that list of MP’s and I could use every unprintable word going now, but I am trying to clean up my language, and i save the unprintable language for when I see some of these patronising  twits face to face, Boris “THE i need a comb” Johnson being one of those among them.

I am fed up of MP’s taking the piss like you all are, angry, hacked off and beyond angry, am incensed.  As today is November 5th, and the only one with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes, may I wish everyone today, taking part in the mass civil disobedience day loads of luck and solidarity.  When you block that bridge tonight at Westminster I will be thinking of you all, I only wish I could be there in person myself because a effigy burning of Cameron and Osborne is something  among all the protests, all the stories of how people are affected, that the media should film and send it to Number 10, and the mood I am in at the moment, I would deliver that video in person and stand outside number 10 to do it, with a clear message, Mr David “the I am too rich to give a shit about anyone other than my cronies, pass the bollies” Cameron,  you can shove your policies where the sun doesn’t shine,  because people power is  building and a massing and it’s not the people who are not the scroungers but you and your cronies and its time now to get them out.  Some how we must, because thousands upon thousands of people suffering and struggling cannot cope with the hell they are going through much longer.


I am sorry I have not written for so long, but am going to try to get writing again.

Good luck,

Protestor Poet xx







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