The Government Are Lying Thieving Bastards!

29 Jan

Watching that Panorama Programme on BBC1 on Monday evening, 28th January, “The Disability Scam” and hearing those words, “Lying Thieving Bastards” from an ex employee from Triage, a work programme contractor provider, left a vile sick feeling in my stomach, and I am so damned incensed, so I thought I would write this in response to that vile statement.

I feel angry; actually, livid is a better term to use.  The words Scroungers, Fraudsters and now Lying Thieving Bastards, aimed at claimants, particularly those on disability benefits, have been bounded about a lot since the Condems came to power in May 2010.

Disability Hate Crime has rocketed since records began due to the Government propaganda and large swathes of the media.  In January 2013, in the town of Blackpool alone, disability hate crime has rocketed 40%.  We live in fear every single day.  I then started thinking about the term “lying thieving bastards” and wanted to redress the balance and have a look at our politicians who run this country, and some interesting and disturbing facts have come to light.

David Cameron, privately educated at Eton, with a joint family fortune of £30M with his wife Samantha, claimed £21,000 in 2005/6 for interest mortgage payments on his house in London, which he then paid off the mortgage with £75,000 and then obtained a tax payer funded mortgage with HSBC to buy his house in his constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire.

Let’s not forget his vested interests in the private health care company TLC Group which is a nursing home and care company for the elderly.  Dolar Popat, Chair of the company, gave Mr Cameron a £209,000 campaign contribution in 2010 and was made a peer by him shortly after the general election.  Then Mr Popat gave Mr Cameron a £25,000 gift within a week of the health care reforms being voted in.

This is the same prime minister who called the NHS in 2009 ” a soviet style calamity”

Then we have dear old George Osbourne who claims he took a pay freeze, £134,655 is more than what 90% of this country earn Mr Osbourne, and we don’t have a £4M trust fund either do we?  This is one of the wealthiest members of the cabinet, who said recently, we need even more cuts, the man who has cut £28bn off the welfare budget, who called the benefit claimants lazy, and enjoyed a life behind closed curtains while the taxpayer got up early and worked hard and came home late.

This is the man who claimed for his home in Cheshire from 2003-09 £100,00 from the tax payer to pay his mortgage payments, this is the house that cost him £485,000 in 2000 and who did not disclose to Parliament the paddock that came with the house, that it was registered separately with the land registry.  That he sold the house in 2012 for over a £1M, and did not disclose the £500,000 donation from Mr Schild, who in turn, made the family fortune by selling the hospital manufacturing bed makers Huntleigh Technology in 2006 for £130M, and dear old George works with George Bridges who used to work for Quiller, who in turn is owned by PR firm Runsworth, who is owned by Lord Chadlington , who is President of David Cameron’s constituency in Witney.  Oh how the plot thickens.

We have Robert Smith, Lib Dem MP, who has shares in GlaxoSmithKline and shares in Legal and General, which offers medical insurance.

Iain Duncan Smith, the smug operator of the Department of Work and Pensions, the wrecker of many benefit claimants lives, has vested interests in a company called Byotol Ltd PLC which sells products to the NHS.

Mr Alistair Darling, former Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who was paid £10,200 by Cinven for addressing a dinner, this is for 6 hours work.  Not bad for an evening’s work, eh Mr Darling?  Cinven is a Europe leading market health care company.

Mr William Hague, the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, who in 2008 had interests in the NHS IT provider AMT SYBEX, now held by Lord Coe.

Grant Shapps, the housing minister, received tens of thousands of pounds of cash to run his office from different housing companies, two on line mortgage brokers, an estate agent, and a property developer.

Then, we have David Milliband, brother of Ed, (lest we forget), and Labour MP who has interests in McKinsey Company, this is the company that has received over £13.8M from the government health care policy since 2010, and opens up under the NHS and Social Care Bill £106B NHS Budget to private sector health care companies which will go to McKinsey clients.

McKinsey is worth over £4BN, and sent one of it’s employees, Matthew Kershaw to break up South London NHS Trust, who in turn runs over his budget of £4M by £1.1M which are consultancy fees for yes you guessed it, McKinsey Company.  Matthew Kerhsaw is off to pastures new as he will become chief executive of Brighton and Hove NHS Trust, so watch out Brighton, the axe man is coming and he can’t manage a budget if you counted it for him.

Oh one more thing about McKinsey Company they did rather well within 48 hours of the coalition coming into power in May 2010.  With a £330,000 health strategy contract with Monitor signed and sealed.  Now you know where this is heading.  Oh yes, the government hates the NHS and 65 MPs and 140 House of Lords members who have vested interests in the private health care sector.  No wonder the Health and Social Care Bill went through on roller skates.  Now who are the Lying Thieving Bastards?

This Government decided in 2010 to have a spending review and every single department got reviewed and with it, in swept the most brutal austerity measures this country has seen.  Dear old George to date has set about with the rest of the rich club and cut £28bn off the welfare budget, £20bn off the NHS, and a further £2bn off social care.

Disabled people have experienced a massive drop in income of £500M since the emergency budget of 2010, the latest estimates suggest disabled people will experience £9BN worth of cuts over the lifetime of this Parliament, half of that from the welfare budget.

Then you have the lack of social care and support spending to allow disabled people to take part in society.  Social Services budgets have been slashed, and care and support funding has been drastically cut by 25% in most local authority areas.

Eligibility criteria for social care are being tightened all the time, so fewer and fewer people who so desperately need the services now do not qualify.  Hundreds of thousands of disabled people’s care packages are being cut, imprisoning them in their homes with no quality of life.  Hikes in charges for essential services including £77M rise in charges for care, a 13 % increase in meals on wheels charges and a 33 % in transport costs which disabled people with limited means are unable to meet and lose their packages and life is made impossible.

The value of benefits is now being linked to CPI Indexed Inflation, meaning a squeeze in living standards for people in receipt of benefits struggling with rising costs, many cannot afford to eat, heat their homes and are facing destitution.

Added to this, the government has said it will close the Independent Living Fund from 2015 with no ring fencing to local authorities who will be expected to fund the support needs of those with the highest support needs, which, at this moment in time, is split between the local authority and the I.L.F.  In a recent consultation, many local authorities said this would force disabled people back into residential care homes, a total regressional step backwards for people’s human rights and civil liberties.

Disabled people are being subjected to the discredited WCA process for Employment and Support Allowance, which has been condemned by the BMA and politicians from all parties who have called an end to this.  They have also said that the contractor Atos Health care who carries out the Face To Face Assessments for the DWP is not fit for purpose.  That thousands of ill and disabled people have been wrongly found fit for work and denied ESA through flawed benefit assessments, and 65% of disabled people assessed said that the assessors did not understand their conditions and are having to go through costly, lengthy appeals.  In April 2013, disabled people will have to appeal wrong ESA decisions with no money coming in.  How many people will die?  How many will go hungry and how many will go homeless?

Cuts to support for people too ill to work are subjected to a 12 month time limit for Contributory ESA and 400,000 people are losing their entitlement within the work related activity group who are having their money stopped and cannot claim JSA as they are too ill and are having to rely on friends and family for support if they have that support network.  70% of disabled people assessed through the WCA Process said that their health had deteriorated as a result of the fear and stress of the process, and that 9 in 10 welfare rights advisor throughout the UK said that many claimants coming to them had seen a deterioration of their health because of the constant re assessment for employment and support allowance.

From a Freedom of Information request from July 2012, from January 2011 to November 2011 within the support and WRAG groups of ESA, and within 6 weeks of their claims ending, 10,600 people had died, and many had taken their own lives in tragic circumstances.  This averages out at 73 people a week, this is the human cost of these cuts and these unjust government polices.

In April 2013, the abolition of the DLA, a benefit that supports disabled people with extra care and mobility costs of living with a disability is being replaced with Personal Independent Payment.  The abolition of DLA is designed to remove 500,000 from the benefit by 2016 and save the government £2bn.  8 in 10 disabled people believe losing their DLA will drive them into isolation and struggle to manage their condition and 3/4 of disabled people said that losing their DLA would mean the need for more social care support from the local council.  For many in work in receipt of DLA this will mean they can no longer work as they will not have access to a motorbility car or electric scooter (public transport is inaccessible in many areas ) and this will trap many people at home, causing them further isolation.

450,000 disabled people will stand to lose out under Universal Credit with the removal of the severe disability premium to the tune of £28-60 per week.

There is a massive shortage of accessible housing generally, but the bedroom tax introduced in April 2013 will mean that disabled people who need a spare room for a carer to meet their care needs will now find they have to find 14% of their rent, a cost of £14 a week in some areas, which they can ill afford, and many will have to move from an adapted house/flat that has been changed to meet their needs and as their care package is not portable to another local aurhtority area, because each area has their own eligibility criteria, people will have to make the stark choice of moving miles away from family and friends and support or staying where they are and will with a lack of money face the real possibility of eviction and homelessness.

There are 6.7 million people in this country who are in working poverty where work is not paying and with the abolition of working tax credits and the benefits cap this figure is expected to rise.  In the last week, two job seekers took their own lives as they could not get work, had no money and saw no future.

There are 5.8 million people in this country who are in fuel poverty, and that figure is expected to rise to 7 million by the end of the year.  The government has abolished insulation grants for people to keep their homes warm and last winter, 24,000 people died as a result of not being able to heat their homes, this averages out at 63 people a day, and many of those over the age of 75, the highest winter fuel deaths in Europe.  That in the last five years hypothermia deaths have doubled, many people are making the stark choice between heating and eating.  For many disabled people living in a cold house causes their conditions to worsen, then placing a burden on the NHS for the need for treatment.

3.5 million people in this country are hungry today.  Many of them disabled people.  That there are one million children in this country who are starving and two children in every class who do not have one square meal a day.  That more people in this country are relying on a food bank to eat and that homelessness in the last 12 months has risen by 43%.

Now tell me where the lying thieving bastards are.  We are seeing the break up of our NHS, the politicians in this country who voted in the Health and Social Care Bill in because their greed means they profit from the break up of it, that they rely on tax payers money to pay their mortgage payments while we go homeless, and they enjoy subsided meals in Parliament while we go hungry and have awarded themselves a £32,000 a year pay increase while many are enduring pay cuts or a freeze in wages.  Lying Thieving Bastards.  It’s pretty simple really.  When you look at the smug faces of the politicans who sit in Parliament day after day and have long holidays, many perks, and have a high standard of living, and still cheat this country by not paying their taxes and cheating the taxpayers.  It’s one rule for them and another rule for us.  We know who the lying thieving bastards are.  It’s called the government.

Protester Poet. xx


32 Responses to “The Government Are Lying Thieving Bastards!”

  1. DebT January 29, 2013 at 9:12 am #

    I couldn’t agree more!!
    This unelected government is an utter disgrace to our nation & it’s people.

    Without DLA we are living at a £50 deficit WEEKLY & thats only paying for food, gas & electric, how is this fair, just or right? Believe me no ‘real’ disabled person would CHOOSE this life, it’s thrust upon us & mostly out of the blue!!

    If there was more action to take I would but I wouldn’t know where to start. I’ve bombarded my MP with emails & even met him once, what more can I do? I am really suffering in this weather, rarely feel safe enough to go anywhere .. My anxiety is through the roof, I don’t know what more to do!! 😦

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

      Thank you for your comments, i know what you are feeling but beleive me when i say that i am feeling it too, all i can do is assure you of my support and that i am doing everything i can to keep fighting and raising awareness, thank you for your comments, PP xx

      • DebT January 29, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

        I am fighting I’m just not sure if there’s more I can do?!? I can email like a demon & have been, I share as much information as I can via Facebook & in support groups but is there more?

        You do an amazing job, I am truly amazed by your heart & strength, thank you!!

        I can’t travel 😦

      • theprotestorpoet February 25, 2013 at 10:50 am #

        Thank you all of us who campaign do what we can when we can, while fighting our own issues, thanks for your comments, PP x

  2. leonc1963 January 29, 2013 at 11:10 am #

    Reblogged this on Diary of an SAH Stroke Survivor.

  3. diana's blog spot January 29, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    That is a fantastic peice of writing, with so many points covered so well. Absolutely WELL DONE to you. I’d take my hat off to you (if I was wearing one) Bless you xx

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

      Thank you Diana, was up most of the night writing this, the financial health care links for MP’s is something that has been aware in the public domanin for some time, and is available on social media, thank you and hugs PP xx

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

      Thank you diana was up most of the night writing this sending hugs to you and thank you for your comments PP x

  4. diana's blog spot January 29, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    I just wish this was in all the mainstream media x

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

      Am working on it PPx

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

      I know but, mainstream media for the most part is in the government pocket, very sadly, a shame but we keep on challening what is printed in main stream media, thanks for comments, hugs PP x

  5. Rob Parish {CFS Party} January 29, 2013 at 12:03 pm #

    but what can we do about it? vote them out? and vote for who instead? Labour? Liberal? UKIP? all the freakin same though are they not? what we need is a set of independants that can come together and fight for the rights of the people, but we must educate the people that this is the correct approach, because at the moment, the people are brainwashed to vote either left or right…not common sense…which brings me to this:

    all views are welcome. it is not a manifesto, but ideas that are open for democratic discussion

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

      thank you for your comments, its common sense i am always interested in, and ideas and open debate is something i am always interested in thank you for your comments.

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

      Thank you for your comments I am always open to open debate, and for common sense, and yes they are all the same, I lost faith in them all a long time ago, thank you for your comments, PP x

  6. anon January 29, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    Totally hit the nail on the head..,,It makes very frightening reading but the most frightening thing of all is its true..The next most frightening thing is its being covered up….Please tell me why this real life horror story isnt all over the front pages of every national newspaper,why aren,t the police investigating these premeditated murderers..why arent they being arrested? I,m sorry but I don,t understand…

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

      I am sorry that it makes frightening reading, but, I am a firm beleiver in getting the truth out there and we all need to know what all political parties are like, unfortunately this kind of thing has been going on very decades, but seeing our NHS ripped to peices people need to know what is happening and why……the saddest thing is its all about the money, and the mainstream media are not interested as many are controlled by government sad to say…PPx

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

      Hi I am sorry that it was very frightening to read, but I had to write this and make people aware of what is happening and the bigger picture is always really scary, because the main stream media is government controlled, that there is the problem, thank you for your comments and hugs PP x

  7. belladonichazel January 29, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    Reblogged this on Life, the Universe and a Gutter's-eye View of the Stars and commented:
    Ah, it’s just so bloody easy to hit out at those too weak – either physically, mentally or financially – to fight back, isn’t it? It’s bad enough that this government thinks it’s a “good thing to do” but where is the conscience, the common bloody sense, of the average working man and woman? Can’t they think for themselves instead of being led around by the trashiest tabloids this country can muster? When able-bodied people see someone disabled, WHY aren’t they thinking “there but for the grace of God…” instead of “lying, thieving bastards”? But this is the disease of capitalism at its best – or should I say worst? Money is power, money is God, money is the be-all, end-all and what the poor people do is merely to provide a target for a bit of sport. Who cares about the most vulnerable in society these days? Well, it’s certainly not the government or their media puppets.

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

      What got me about the disability scam last night is the way that lady from her former employer beleived it herself her body language and facical expression said it all for me, power and money corrupt it always has, thank you for your comments. PP X

      • belladonichazel January 29, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

        Indeed. What this country needs is a healthy dollop of good old-fashioned socialism. After all, the majority of the UK is made up of the working class, why shouldn’t OUR taxes go towards OUR benefit?

        It’s sickening.

  8. belladonichazel January 29, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Very well said indeed and well worth a reblog.

    This government is nothing short of criminal and it takes as many voices as possible raised in protest to – even possibly – stop the most vulnerable in society sinking without a trace.

    • theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:42 pm #

      Thank you for your comments, and yes they are very criminal, a lot of people are standing up and resisting, but we need more people to do so, take care and thank you again for your comments, PP x

  9. rob dylan January 29, 2013 at 7:07 pm #

    I get so angry, I start to wonder if the country deserves them. Only 30 odd percent vote for them (I say ONLY, yet why are there so many who vote for such nasty creatures) so almost 70% don’t.

  10. Matthew Robertson February 2, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

    I was ATOS’ed on 2nd May 2012, straight away I had £45 per week deducted from my incapacity Benefit. I applied for an Appeal within a few days. The Lies the Health Care Professional had filled in on my report was unbelievable.
    So naturally I appealed. I was sent a letter from the Appeals Tribunal & on it, it told me I had 14 days to amass any Medical Evidence to help my appeal (Which my Doctor did for me) amazingly quickly.
    But on entering the Appeal Offices on 29th November 2012 in Stirling’s Wallace House, I was immediately told by the Appeals Lawyer that they were not allowed to take any of my Medical evidence into consideration, nor any photographic evidence which I had on a Flash Drive.
    The only thing they were allowed to take into consideration, was if my Medical condition had worsened since the initial assessment on 2nd May 2012 up until the day of the appeal. And Yes it had but as my Doctor was not at the appeal, or any such evidence to prove my condition had worsened, I was given only 9 Points for the distance I was limited in walking.
    Since all this has happened, I now Emphysema which is still not under control, my Inhalers have been increased in Dosage Three times & there is still no improvement in my condition.
    Before 2nd May 2012, I had received only one payment at the new increased incapacity benefit to £116 per week, I now receive £0 per week. After May 2nd I had been put on the reduced incapacity benefit of £71 per week.
    Now I only have my Industrial Injuries Benefit payment of £110-67p per week. Thankfully my Mortgage is small but I can no longer afford to live in my house, I am now living with my youngest Son at his small Flat. My House is up for sale & has been on the market since May 2012, yet I still have to pay £103 per month Community Tax.
    I have applied for a New Work Capability Assessment, on January 7th 2013, Mr Alan Kane the Aberdeen Manager at Jobcentre Plus, has still not replied to my letter asking him what is happening about my Reassessment.
    So Mr Ian Duncan Smith has so far saved himself & his department £928 at last years rate of £116 per week incapacity benefit which I am not now receiving. They say it’s good to talk. I am writing,yet receive No Replies from this section of the Aberdeen.
    My industrial accident in 1986 left me with Chronic Sciatica, Arthritis in Left Side of my Neck, also a Pilonidal Sinus which was caused my initial Fall.
    And then on May 19th 2003, I was shot 3 times on a visit to Colombia South America, Shot once through each Leg & once in the Upper Chest,the Bullet to the Chest is lodged in my Right Shoulder Blade & will never be removed, as any attempt to remove it would paralyze my Right arm completely. There is severe damage to my Right arm from the shoulder to the Fingers, as the Bullet had either Severed the nerves completely or Split the nerves causing irrepairable Damage.
    Yet the ATOS Healthcare Professional had written that all my Limb functions were 100% Normal.
    Life is just a Bowl of Cherries, just a pity they are all on I.D.Smiths,Mr Cameron & Mr Cleggs Plate & not mine. I Live, but only just.

    • theprotestorpoet February 25, 2013 at 10:49 am #

      My thoughts are with you, very sorry to hear this, really do feel for you, sending hugs to you PPx

  11. Heather ivers February 6, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

    Warning fascism is alive and well in Scotland in the form of triage, I wanted so badly to become self employed but I am not allowed to get enterprise allowance because I’m now having to attend at triage and I am trying hard to become self employed teaching craft classess to those with autism and special needs so I started teaching as a volunteer to enable me to build up a list of people wanting to come then I was going to apply for funding after having built up my client and classes but when I went to triage they made an appointment for me at the exact same time I was due to attend and teach the class of people with disabilities, I explained to him I could not attend and could he make it for later in the day or another day and he refused I tried to explain this was me trying to get myself into work and I could not let these clients down and he refused to make the appointment at a different time THIS IS FASCISM. They want us to be on the breadline so they can control us they do not want us to be self employed.

  12. theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    Yes they are, thank you for your comments. PP x

  13. theprotestorpoet January 29, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

    Yes they are without a doubt, thank you for your comments, PP x


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